This was a project for my Graphic Principles 1 class.  We were given a choice between a few different “client” briefs for a concert flyer/poster design.  I chose this one because I wanted to take on the challenge of creating something that was a bit elevated from the typical concert poster.  One of the things I noticed about the Russian artwork that the “client” requested the poster pay homage to was the muted color palettes.  Muted colors are somewhat atypical for a concert poster, and I wanted to try my hand at producing something more avant garde in regard to concert art.

Another challenge I wanted to give myself by choosing this brief was maintaining minimalism and simplicity while still including all of the desired elements.  The “client” had so many different intricate ideas that were integral to the underlying meaningfulness they wanted to achieve in the design, and I wanted to push myself to incorporate all of those elements in a purposeful way that wouldn’t make the final design messy or crowded.

In the end, my instructor felt that I could have taken a few more risks here, and I agree.  I think the final design may have been a bit more polished than was really necessary.  Although, I don’t think it was completely inappropriate for the project, I also think that it could have benefitted from the addition of more of the textural elements featured in the art recommended for inspiration.

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