This is a branding package I created for my husband’s IT project – a mobile, on-demand tech support and repair company.  He needed a brand that conveyed a sense of high-energy while also appearing accessible to all age demographics.  He wanted a fun logo that combined his love of all things science while communicating technology services, and out of that conversation was born the concept of the power button as the center of an atom.  The first step in the design plan, after the brand guidelines were set, was creating collateral, most importantly, business cards because he wanted this to be a local service, and it was important to him to be accessible offline.  The next step was to create the plan for a website, but keeping in mind the inclusion of a larger age demographic, it was important to keep the homepage layout very simple with important information and calls to action above the fold.  Another imperative piece of this branding project was the car decal.  My husband was very specific that he planned to have the decal applied to a white, compact vehicle, and the design fro the front of the business card worked perfectly here and also connected the decal, visually to the website.  Finally, although this IT company would primarily offer on-demand services, a properly branded location was still important.  The window decal design was created for this purpose.

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