Welcome to Shawnee Lane Creative, a boutique style creative studio dedicated to empowering passion centered creatives to turn their #dreambiz into a #brandexperience.  Why?  Because as a passionate, creative mind, you deserve to live your best life while helping others do the same.  The driving belief behind Shawnee Lane Creative is that there are folks out there who need what you have to give, and you can’t do that effectively if you’re stuck in the 9-5 space only dreaming of your true mission.

I’m Ashley, and I was where you are for so long.  That’s why it is now my mission to help ambitious creatives that plan, launch, and grow their dream business so they can live their best lives, and impact their communities online and offline!  I want to help you identify your passion and the audience that needs it and then create the identity and strategies to best connect the two.

When I’m not creating vibrant visual identities, planning strategic brand strategies, or creating content that converts, you can find me in the middle of nowhere catching up with my family or snuggling with my fur babies.

Oh, I do photography too!




Alexander Isley said, “A brand is the promise of an experience.”  Your brand should tell a story about the mission, beliefs, and standards of your business, and that needs to be consistent.  That’s why with SLC, you have the opportunity to fine tune all aspects of your business strategy as they pertain to your brand.  Whether you’re planning, launching, or growing your #dreambiz, I’ve got you covered with services that range from writing your summary and registering your business to identifying your audience and developing your marketing content.


90% of consumers expect a visually seamless brand experience.  Your visual identity is all those parts of your brand that quickly tell your story through color and imagery.  These visual cues should be consistent with your overall strategy and target audience, and they should be carefully designed for beauty as well as functionality.  So, my visual identity services are comprehensive and collaborative in order to achieve these goals with the highest level of quality.  Your visual identity plan may also include photography services.


As you plan, launch, and grow your business, over and over you will hear that you need to build your email list, that it’s the most valuable marketing tool you have.  But how do you build it, and what do you do with it after that?  Well, wonder no more!  From courses to specialized services, SLC has you covered.  I can help you create an irresistible lead magnet, organize and nurture your list, or audit and adjust your current efforts.  Launching a special campaign?  I can help with that too!


As you launch your business and grow your brand, you’ll find that you need photos for various purposes from your website to marketing materials, and of course, after all the time and effort that you’ve put into your consistent message, you’ll want these photos to be on brand too!  That’s why SLC offers a variety of photography solutions for your brand.  As a brand specialist, I know that your brand message, your visual identity, and your photo images all go hand in hand.  So, on this site, you’ll find options for every budget from pre-made stock photo bundles and subscriptions to custom projects.


Underneath all of the services, courses, and products lies one ultimate goal…empowerment.  I want more than anything to empower creatives, especially women, to take ownership of their destiny and share their gifts with the tribe they were meant to lead and serve.  Statistics show that when women are successful, the impact on their community and society as a whole is exponential.

With that in mind, can you imagine what could happen if women in underserved communities were reached with the opportunity to realize their strength and potential?  Imagine the impact that all those female owned businesses could have on their communities!  The hope of that reality is what’s at the core of Shawnee Lane Creative’s Porch Swing Project, and portions of all revenue from the sale of SLC courses, services, and products contribute to that hope.

Your support is meaningful and greatly appreciated…

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